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His Poor Little Rich GirlAlessandro Vallini once made the mistake of proposing to spoiled princess Rachel McCulloch. Her rejection scored his soul. But now the tables have turned: bad-boy-made-good Alessandro holds Rachel’s future in the palm of his hand!He needs a temporary housekeeper and she needs money…Deserving of His Diamonds? Emilio Andreoni is Italy’s most eligible bachelor and he craves only one more thing to complete his phenomenally successful life – the perfect woman! Once he thought that woman was shy Gisele Carter – until her scandalousgoings-on became headline news!Enemies at the Altar The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker she was naively trying to seduce him. Whilst her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on Andreas’s memory, the terrible consequences torment him. So the news that they mustmarry to secure his inheritance is unthinkable…

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